The New Macbook: The Perfect Everyday Laptop


The new Macbook is a beauty: lightweight, razor-thin, with a satin aluminum finish and an impressive retina display.

Even better, the new Macbook will come in three different Colors: Silver, Space Gray and (drumroll, please!)…Gold.

Yes, gold. Which utterly destroys the simple harmony of the Macbook’s new design.

But, for starters, this Macbook is not a computer that will blow your mind. Especially if you consider yourself a techie who always wants the best of the best. The new Macbook is all about your everyday, normal tasks. Want an ultra-thin machine with all the stuff necessary to do the average user’s tasks? Get this beautiful new laptop. But if you want to use image or video editors, game to your heart’s content, use data-intensive tools, give it a pass.

When is this Macbook the right computer for you? If you only need a computer for surfing the internet, writing documents or watching movies. And it does those tasks perfectly.
So why is the new Macbook not as high performing as a Macbook Pro? Well, in order to make it so thin, Apple was obliged to using a fanless design, which meant using a processor that doesn’t need one. The solution? The Intel Core M. This processor doesn’t boast the performance of an Core i5 or i7, but it is a great processor that combines both mobility and performance. What are the drawbacks? Of course, by attempting to mix just enough performance with a fanless processor, what you get is a mixed processor that’s not the best in any category. It does it’s job, and admirably so, but we’re not talking the leader in processors here.
In summary, this processing balance combined with Apple’s fluid design make this $1299 laptop a very interesting choice for the “premium” light to medium computer users. What’s more, Apple’s added in a host of other little treats, like the full keyboard, retina display, a weight of just 2 pounds (or less than a kilo), and a 9-hr battery life. However, if you’re looking for something less mobile but higher in performance, I would definitely wait for the next generation of Macbook Pros.